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Go wherever your mind takes you. Even Oz.

Ever wonder what the koala dreams about during its 20-hour-a-day nap-athon? Australia’s world-class cities? Its world-famous beaches? Its out-of-this-world Outback? No matter—Cosmos is only concerned with bringing your Down Under dreams to fruition. By stretching your dollar further, we can simply take you farther—all the way to another hemisphere where coral reefs dazzle, geothermal pools bubble, and shrimp-lined barbies sizzle. Across Australia, New Zealand, and Fiji, we hit the hot spots (and the coolest ones!) to heighten your senses, broaden your horizons, and shorten your bucket lists. A day of snorkeling at the Great Barrier Reef? Check. A cruise through Sydney’s spectacular harbour? Check. A champagne toast at sunset in the mystic shadow of Uluru (Ayers Rock)? A stroll on Fiji’s Coral Coast? Check. Keep crossing them off. We’ve pointed the compass in every direction in the South Pacific to include the most uplifting experiences Down Under. In a land known for its laid-back locals and anything-goes spirit, the kangaroos are hopping, the clownfish are swimming, the kookaburras are laughing, and adventure is knocking. Won’t you join them?

Make a List. Check it Twice. 

Your bucket list most likely includes the Land Down Under for its exotic and extraordinary ocean beauty, friendly people, and out-of-this-world Outback. We’ve got the list from A to New Zealand to make it easy and affordable to check off these well-deserved bucket list items—which you’re sure to add right back to the list for an extra turn in paradise.  

Wild, Woolly & Waterful 

See what’s hopping, splashing, and snuggling in the naturally beautiful wild places in Australia and New Zealand. Get Outback and up close to ‘roos, koalas, camels, dingoes, and brumbies. Break the surface with a snorkel or glass-bottom boat excursion above the Great Barrier Reef. Watch penguins waddle in style on Phillip Island and roll on the deep with dolphins and whales on Marlborough Sounds!  

Welcome, Mate!

Your Friends are Outback.

From the sun-washed sands of Fiji to the desert winds of Australia’s Outback, your heart will be warmed as well by the welcoming people who call Australia and New Zealand home. Feel the glow of the Red Center with sunrise and sunset colors of Uluru (Ayers Rock) and get a warm welcome from the Anangu Aboriginal people. Take a shine to the colorful Maori culture of New Zealand or meet man’s best friend along with sheep and lambs during a farm experience at Rotorua’s Agrodome. Meet the men and women and their flying machines with a visit to the Royal Flying Doctor Service in Alice Springs. You’ll never meet a stranger in the South Pacific!