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Sing like no one’s listening. Samba like no one’s watching.

When you’re surrounded by tropical green rainforests, deep blue seas, and red-hot dance floors, it’s easy to lose your inhibitions— and gain a brighter perspective. With affordable vacations to South America, Cosmos makes chasing rainbows reality. Literally. Multi-coloured macaws, vibrant Peruvian tapestries, and 180-degree rainbows at thundering Iguassu Falls are just waiting to wow your retinas. Your other senses won’t be disappointed as you step away from the ordinary—and into the deep mystery of Machu Picchu, the colonial cafés of Buenos Aires, the remote fjords of Patagonia, and the pulsating samba clubs of Rio. From Peru to Brazil down to Chile and Argentina, Cosmos makes your South America travel dreams come true—and in vivid colour. Follow the mega rainbows to pots of simmering, spicy stews; planks of fresh, grilled seafood; and pitchers of tart-yet-sweet caipirinhas. Foodies will relish the world-class culinary scenes of Lima and Cusco while travellers of all kinds will get a taste of adventure like no other. A magical menu of exotic jungles, sunny cities, puzzling peaks, and breezy beaches awaits.

Epic South America.

Put some extra adventure in your life with the epic discoveries and extraordinary experiences that can only be found in South America. 


You're Getting Warmer.

Something Extraordinary is Closer than you Think. 

The exotic and extraordinary sights and sensations of South America are closer than you think! In fact, more Cosmos travellers are warming up to wonderful destinations of South America—as close in air travel (with less jet lag) as European flights. Plus, South America turns on the warmth in winter with mild summer temperatures. Warmer still are the people of Peru, Chile, Argentina, and Ecuador, who share their cultures, kitchens, and craftsmanship with a smile. Other interesting locals you need to meet are the less talkative kind—like giant Galápagos Tortoises, champion swimming iguanas, birds with blue feet, and thousands of other creatures great and small who call the Galápagos Islands and the Amazon Rainforest home. 

Adventure is Knocking.

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