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The World Misses Canadians. Rekindle Your Love for Travel.

And Cosmos Can Take You There

Are you missing the world and the adventures it promises? The world misses you too. But more than that, the world misses us … Canadians, driven by wanderlust.

We love to globetrot – traversing new destinations, meeting new people and sharing a little of our Canadian pride, along the way. But for the last year, locked-in and locked-down, we’ve been denied the chance to fashion our favourite flag in foreign harbours.

Now, it’s finally time to bust-out of our beautiful borders and bust a move in ancient, cobblestone alleyways; along scenic pebbly beaches and on top of mystical, craggy hilltops overlooking incredible landscapes and landmarks. It’s time to fly away and land in a new, happy place, embracing foreign cultures, customs and cuisines. And wrap our arms around wonderment, curiosity and intrigue, once again.

We are on our way back to travel. Now is Our Time.

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First Class Touring by Globus

At Globus, we create first-class escorted tours with just the right balance of included features & free time. We’re all about hidden gems, not hidden charges. We throw in more visits, toss in more experiences & include more sightseeing.

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River Cruising by Avalon Waterways

Avalon Waterways sets the standard in river and small-ship cruising by offering you the best views in river cruising. Avalon has the newest fleet, the most included shore excursions, the widest range of choices and extraordinary itineraries.

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Independent Travel by Monograms

Monograms is ideal for travellers who prefer just the right amount of support. It offers all-in-one packages that cover all the details and the services of a professional Local Host. Monograms takes care of the details so you just sit back & enjoy.

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