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Less Traveled. Equally Loved

While it might be the iconic sights of the world that first entice us to pack our bags for adventure, it’s often something quite different that beckons us to return—the towns with no traffic, the coasts with no crowds, the nooks with no noise. Imagine seeing the iconic must-see sights along with the unknown gems you might miss if you didn’t know where to look.  Join us to break free from the beaten path, break away from the packs, and break bread with the locals for an beyond-ordinary vacation that goes beyond the guidebooks!

Been there? Done that?

If you’ve already experienced the highlights of Europe and North America, or want to explore its off-the-beaten-path and authentic locales, we’ll introduce you to the fascinating cultures, people, traditions, and cuisine you’ve yet to discover. And there is no better way to discover a new appreciation for the places and people of the world than with our expert Tour Directors and Local Guides who actually live in the fascinating cities, towns, and unspoiled landscapes through which you’re travelling. After nearly a century of sharing the world with travel lovers and discovery seekers, we’re thrilled to share new discoveries with you as only a Cosmos Undiscovered Tour can reveal.

Beyond the Guidebooks.

  • See why locals frequent favourite spots in the lesser-trod lanes and linger over the libations that keep them coming back over the years.
  • Taste for yourself how family tradition lives on in the bakeries, sweet shops, vineyards, and cafes you won’t find on typical travelogues.

  • Hear the sounds of regional music and join in the dance discovered by our seasoned guides.
  • Smell the irresistible aromas of fresh-baked bread, melting chocolate, fresh-brewed coffees, or other tempting traditions of local eateries.
  • Feel the history come to life in the treasured haunts unknown to but a few who are lucky enough to find the hideaways and hidden gems.

Undiscovered North America

Between North America’s breathtaking national parks, cool emerging cities, and tiny historic towns, there’s a surplus of sights you haven’t seen in your own backyard. With bucket-list vacations from Canada to Cali and Yakima to the Yukon, we invite you to fetch a pail of wonder as you discover the undiscovered right outside your door. From the redwood forests to the Gulf Stream waters, this land was made for you to see.

Undiscovered Europe

Discover the lesser-known legends and roads less travelled to experience Europe’s off-the-beaten-path treasures and timeless traditions on a value-minded Cosmos Undiscovered Tour in Europe. Rediscover your love for Italy with local legends not found in any guidebook. Get closer to the dolce discoveries of Italia—with more included features and unique surprises— plus plenty of free time to explore like a local from Sicily to Tuscany. Throw caution to the wind with a highland fling in Scotland, and wander with wonder on the heather-clad hills where generations of grand Scottish clans kicked up their kilts and still raise a dram or two in the hidden hideaways to make history you won’t find in a typical travelogue!