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For nearly a century, the Globus family of brands has shed light on the world’s most fascinating places and people – allowing travelers to bask in their glory, intrigue, and wonder. As we explore ancient pathways, historic hallways, and storied sidewalks of the world around us, we gain deeper knowledge, compassion, and understanding of the world and its people than ever before. 

By partnering with like-minded organizations that care for our planet and the people and places we cherish, we’re committed to playing our part in advancing causes through conservation, preservation, and humanitarian partnerships. 

Let It Shine. 

While a lighthouse may stand alone, we can come together to light up the world’s exceptional places – and extraordinary faces. Enter the Cosmos Lighthouse Project – an illuminating initiative where we can all come together to tread lightly and give generously for the globe’s greater good. Cosmos, along with sister companies Globus and Avalon Waterways, invites our travellers and partners to help us in supporting causes that provide for a more sustainable planet and a brighter tomorrow for the planet, people, and places we treasure. 

Additionally, Cosmos team members take pride in being active participants in the travel community, spearheading and participating in dozens of volunteer programs and events.


Making Positive Climate Contributions

Trees4Travel encourages travelers to explore and experience the globe with a slower, more thoughtful approach while simultaneously planting trees and forests to remove CO2 from the air. Planting trees for travel is a simple but powerful act dedicated to reversing climate change while creating a safe, sustainable planet for future generations to enjoy.


Keeping the world in its best light.

While nothing is more exciting than tracing the paths of historic legends, doing so with the most minimal footprint excites us even more. We make every effort to conserve and preserve in each destination we visit by helping to protect the waterways, wild places, and wildlife by supporting and shining a light on organizations that do the same.

Keeping the blue planet green. 

We love caring for the world just as much as we love sharing it with you! By booking a Cosmos tour, you’re helping us do just that! When you travel with Cosmos, we make a contribution to environmental organizations that work to improve the health of our planet. Travel confidently, knowing that travelling with us also supports a leading champion for the environment, Trees4Travel, planting trees on behalf of our guests to help offset their trip’s carbon emissions. Cosmos partners with Trees4Travel to purchase a tree to be planted for each guest who travels with us. This is a small way we make a big difference in helping to reduce CO2 from the air, while keeping our commitment to bigger experiences and smaller footprints. 


The Forests for the Trees.

While a single tree doesn't make a forest, Cosmos believes in the power of people and their effect on the world as a whole. Enjoy the anticipation and excitement of your upcoming adventures, while making a difference in the world we discover together. You may also choose to make a personal donation of your own to Trees4Travel or The Ocean Cleanup to help make the world even greener!

The planet-focused initiatives we support include:

  • The Ocean Cleanup
  • Trees4Travel
  • Vital Ground Foundation – Grizzly Bear Recovery*
  • Wildlife Conservation Network, Lion Recovery Fund
  • South African Parks Honorary Rangers

*visited on trip

Additionally, we shine a light on the following organizations through a combination of vacation visits and donations:

  • Monkey Rehabilitation Center, Brazil
  • Sheldrick Wildlife Trust Baby Elephant & Rhino Rescue, Kenya
  • Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding, China
  • National Kiwi Conservation Project, New Zealand
  • Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital, Australia
  • The Kangaroo Sanctuary, Australia 
  • Elephant Nature Park, Thailand 

Paws for this Cause: Our Promise for Ethical Wildlife Encounters

The Globus family believes the world's four-legged, furry, feathered, and fragile wildlife populations are precious to our planet—and in need of protection. As part of our commitment to the welfare of wildlife worldwide, Globus has adopted the guidelines of World Animal Protection to end the use of wild animals as entertainment. By creating an animal welfare policy, we are committed to protect wild animals by not selling, offering, or promoting venues or activities involving wild animal entertainment, such as rides, bathing, walks, and shows. We will only offer responsible viewing of wild animals in the wild or semi-wild habitats and with a high standard of animal welfare and conservation. These guidelines are currently in practice, and we are committed to full compliance by the end of 2024.


Helping the communities of the world shine.

It’s not just the splendid landscapes and landmarks that make travel so rewarding – it’s the unique people we meet along the way and the cultures they hold dear. We are dedicated to protecting, respecting and supporting the extraordinary communities of the world as well as improving the individual lives within them. The measure of the Lighthouse Project’s success? – The megawatt smiles we see along the way.

The people-focused organizations we support include:

  • Landmine Design
  • Rural Aid
  • Pathways Project 

Additionally, we shine a light on the following organizations through a combination of vacation visits and donations:

  • Local orphanage, Cambodia
  • Mother Teresa’s Missionaries of Charity
  • KOTO Hospitality Training Center, Vietnam
  • Local school English class, Cambodia
  • Local school, Tanzania
  • Indigenous Amazon communities (via lodge stays), Ecuador and Peru
  • Home visits, Peru
  • Ladli Child Vocational Program, India 


Reflecting on the past; Brightening the future.

The parks, palaces, museums and monuments we enjoy today are the result of previous generations passionately committed to preservation. By way of the Lighthouse Project, we aim to pay it forward – staying light years ahead of preservation – so that future generations can enjoy the same glorious places to relax, renew and reflect.

While every one of our destinations is precious to us, here are some of the sights and attractions we have supported – many of which we also visit on trip:

  • National Civil Rights Museum, Tennessee*
  • Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming, Montana, Idaho*
  • Yosemite National Park, Nevada, California*
  • Squamish Lil’Wat Centre, British Columbia*
  • USS Arizona Memorial, Hawaii*

*Visit on trip

  • World War II Memorial Museum, Louisiana
  • Indian Pueblo Cultural Center, New Mexico*
  • Alaska Native American Heritage Center, Alaska*
  • Head-Smashed-In Buffalo Jump World Heritage Site, Alberta*
  • Museum of the Cherokee Indian, North Carolina*



Additionally, the Globus family of brands team members take pride in being active participants in the travel community, spearheading and participating in dozens of volunteer programs and events.