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The stunning landscapes and time-honored traditions are just the beginning of what makes Canada such an extraordinary place. A place of indescribable wild beauty in the Canadian Rockies. A place of rugged coastlines and even more rugged characters. And a place where eagles soar and whales sing in the perfectly picturesque Inside Passage. All this exploring takes a trusted tour operator who does the research, plans the details, and hand selects the hotels and included sightseeing we know you'll love. Explore by rail, road, ice, and sea from the Yukon territory to the French province of Québec; from the bracing coast of Scottish Nova Scotia to the British boulevards of Victoria to the glimmering waters of Banff's Lake Louise. We'd go on but why not come see for yourself?! 

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Since 1928, Globus has built a reputation as the premiere escorted tour operator with interactions, inspirations, and insight that goes beyond the surface to connect with authentic experiences. Hassle-free planning, regional Tour Directors, Local Guides, Hand-picked and tested hotels and inclusions, seamless transportation, VIP access, and rare Local Favorites go beyond the guidebook.