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The Globus family of brands’ travel brochures are coming to life. From this page, you will find a listing of our brochures that can be viewed online from your computer. When you open an eBrochure, you can turn pages by clicking or dragging the corners or turn the pages by use of navigation keys in the panel. Feel free to click and navigate in the publication through an active table of contents. Clicking on a random spot on the page zooms in on the content. To zoom out, just click again. You can download the entire publication or selected pages as a PDF, print the entire publication or a selected page in high quality, or you can even forward a vacation from the brochure by e-mail.

Below is a list of newly released brochures. Check back frequently throughout the year for the latest list of brochures.



South and Central America 2020

South & Central
America 2020

Africa 2020

Africa 2020

Religious Travel 2020

Europe & North America

Cosmos Religious 2020

Cosmos Religious 2020

Oberammergau 2020 brochure

Oberammergau 2020


2019 Cosmos North America

Cosmos North America 2019

Religious Travel 2019

Religious Travel 2019

2019 Africa Brochure

Africa 2019

2019 South America Brochure

South America 2019

2019 Asia

Asia 2019

2019 Cosmos Europe

Cosmos Europe 2019

Oberammergau 2020 brochure

Undiscovered Italy

2019 Australia & New Zealand

Australia & New Zealand 2019


Undiscovered Britain

2019 Travel Planner

2019 Travel Planner

2019 Cosmos Lite

2019 Cosmos Lite